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Propeller Showerhead 360°

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Enjoy your shower!

Enjoy a seductive experience and a WOW effect with this revolutionary high-pressure shower head! 

The shower head distributes water in the form of a stream that gently touches your body while you shower.
Relaxes muscles, promotes blood circulation and improves the appearance of the skin.


NO HIGH WATER PRESSURE REQUIRED - Increases the water pressure in your shower by up to 100%.


360° ROTATION - The power shower head can rotate 360° and swivel up and down. This allows you to adjust it flexibly and take a shower without having to hold the shower head in your hand.


ON/OFF SWITCH - The push button allows you to stop the flow of water from the shower head and lather up your favourite shower gel as you wish. It couldn't be easier!


WATER PRESSURE REGULATION - Quickly and easily adjust the water pressure with the 0-90° regulator. 

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - Installation of the shower head is as quick and easy as with any other shower head. The shower head is able to simply screw onto any standard shower pipe.


Fabriqué à partir de matériaux de qualité résistants aux températures élevées et à la corrosion. Grâce à un triple filtre spécial, l'eau sera toujours claire comme du cristal ! 



  • Materials: High quality ABS + chrome plating
  • Size: 3.6 x 10.3 inches (9 x 26 cm)
  • 1.5 m hose (only included in the kit)
  • What's included: 1x powerful 360° shower head + 1x filter (4 in 1 pack: 2x Filters, 1x 360° Showerhead, Hose, Adapter)



    F.A.Q :

    Is it suitable for my shower pipe?

    Our 360° shower head can be simply screwed onto any standard shower hose. 

    You also don't need high water pressure. The 360° shower head increases the water pressure in your shower and reduces water consumption. 


    What is the purpose of the filter ?

    The NEW PP Cotton Filter dramatically reduces water impurities, softens the water and filters out toxins including chlorine. This purified water is much softer for your skin and healthier for your hair, its benefits include: 

    • Restore your body's natural PH.
    • Less skin irritation and hair damage.
    • Stronger, healthier hair.
    • Note: The knob also works without filter!

    How often should you replace the filter?

    On average, the life of the filter is 6 to 12 months depending on the quality of the water in your area. As soon as the filter is discoloured brown, it should be changed. You can order replacement filters here.